Construction Projects

Water Supply and Sanitation Project
Department of Water, Ministry of Public Works and Transport and Special Lao Company Limited signed on December 30, 2023, Contract No. ws-cw40, water and sanitation system construction. The Water Supply and Sanitation Project (WSSP) will improve and implement the Provincial Water Project (PNP) and expand access to meet the needs of clean and safe water and sanitation for urban residents in approximately 11 small towns in Laos.
Signing ceremony for the supply of pipes and equipment for the construction of the water supply and sanitation project in Viengkham District, Luang Prabang Province between Specailao Co., Ltd. and Charoenxay Construction, Repair, Irrigation, Road Bridge and Farming Co., Ltd. and Lao Pipeline Industry Technology Co., Ltd. on 04.08.2021
This will be the improvement and coordination of various sectors, the implementation of policies, the expansion of existing water supply systems in provincial municipalities, the development of new water supply systems in small towns; to enhance community performance in responding to water and sanitation; and strengthen project implementation and operation and maintenance (O&M). WSSP is ADB's Water Supply Sector Project supported by ADB in Lao PDR, and follows the Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (STWSP).
Water supply and sanitation work in Viengkham District is located in Viengkham District which is located along National Road No. 1C, about 180 kilometers away from Luang Prabang Municipality.
Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:
The Firm is responsible to undertake the tasks listed below
- Construction of a water factory
- Construction of water supply office and storage warehouse
- Lay water pipes and run counters to people's houses
- Build a public toilet
The location of the construction site of the project
The visit of each relevant party
The construction project of the water supply and sanitation system in Viengkham district, Luang Prabang province has had relevant government officials visit the department, such as the head of the water supply department, the director of the State Water Corporation of Prabang, a team from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and others.
Construction of the project

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Needle piercing

Laying water pipes

Movement to build the project