Design Surveying And Mapping Service

2D map design survey project
  • survey design drawing topographic map. 
  • Land survey drawing map. Water surface map survey. 
  • survey design plan construction plan.


28 / 1000 2D map design survey project
+ Topographic map design survey.

     Topographic map surveying is surveying the area on the ground using symbols on the map, which distinguish the symbols of various data layers, articles, details of the project, symbols… Topographic mapping includes: elevation of land, land, electricity poles, irrigation canals, swamps, swamps, constructions and others.

+ Land map survey.

      Survey drawing a land map is surveying the land of the owner using the land using tools to measure the appropriateness of each area such as: GPS, RTK and wood meter by measuring to know the total area of ​​the land and the shape of the land.

+ Water surface map survey.

     The survey of the water table is a survey to create a map of the landscape of the water region by using it in the construction of power dams, water reservoirs, water restoration, soil erosion, etc.

+ Survey design planning construction plan.

    Survey design and construction planning is the collection of detailed area information and gather all the information to come up with a design plan of the scope of the project to build the project.

3D mapping and VDO survey project
+ Volumetric survey.

     Volumetric survey is a survey to calculate the volume of the soil in the area of ​​the survey project, as well as to know the amount of use in the construction budget of the project.

+ Aerial construction monitoring survey (VDO construction monitoring).

     Aerial monitoring survey of construction with VDO is to monitor the progress and steps of construction in each phase, by monitoring using Dorn or UAV in aerial photography and VDO according to the extent of the construction project to bring the information to Porcess and deliver the information to the project owner.

+ Explore 3D maps.

    A 3D mapping survey is a survey using a UAV plane to take 3D images. The information obtained will be a 3D aerial image with high resolution, knowing the exact position and accuracy. It can be used in the allocation of city plans, urban monitoring, monitoring disasters such as wildfires, floods…