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Aircraft Type:    Fixed wing
Main-body:    EPO
Fuselage:    0.8m
Wingspan:    1.2m-1.3m
Power System:    brush-less electric motor, propulsion system of single power
GPS module:    integrated with 10Hz high precision GPS module
The empty-loaded:    0.9kg
Full loaded:    2.4kg
Battery:    8000mAh, Lithium-polymer battery

Take-off:    Catapult launch
Landing Type:    Parachute landing
Take-off Speed:    6m/s
Take-off angle:    30°
Cruise speed:    72km/h
Maximum ceiling:    3000m (AMSL)
Weather limit:    43km/h
Communication control frequency:    2.4GHz
Communication control range:    8km
Pre-flight preparation time:    5min
Duration time:    60-70minutes
Flight mode:    Autopilot
Maximum Ceiling:    3km (AMSL)
Single task area:    10km2
Resolution (GSD):    3.0-20cm

Type:    Sony A1500
Operation:    Fully automatic
Sensor type:    APS-CMOS
Effective pixels:    24.3MP
Image resolution:    6000×4000
Lens:    E20mm F2.8
Weight:    352g

Flight control software:
Mission planning:    OK
Pre-flight check:    OK
Autonomous camera triggering:    OK
POS information download:    OK
Real-time monitoring:    OK
Automatic take-off, flight and landing:    OK
Post processing Software:    SkyPhoto, compatible to universal data formats of major processing software on the market
Ground  controller system configuration (Not included in the package):
Operating System Windows7, 64bit, CPU processor i7, Graphics card GPU, internal memory 4GB or above


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