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Currently, satellite imaging technology is an important part of receiving remote sensing data used for surveying weather, topography, water, surface features and man-made environment to assess the land area that is planned for military operations, which can be used to determine the strategic and tactical objectives of the military Knowledge of satellite imagery. The Department of Information Technology and Aeronautics sees the importance of knowledge of such satellite images, therefore collecting knowledge about satellite images as well as the production of satellite images and their interpretation.

Satellite Images Wordview-02

• WorldView-2 satellite was launched on October 8, 2009. 

• Launched in the United States.

• Orbit around 1-2 days.

• Resolution 0.5m.

Satellite Images triplesat

TripleSat Satellite Sensor (0.8m)

• The satellite was successfully launched on 
10 July 2015
• Closed in India
• All 3 are revealed at the same time.
• Resolution 0.8 m
Satellite Images GF-01


• The satellite has successfully launched
On January 21, 2014
• A satellite of China. 
• Resolution 2m
Vector data

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