Design Surveying and Mapping Project

Systematic land title survey-measurement project Beach Phong District, Vientiane

     The project of surveying – measuring and issuing land titles as a system, Beach Phong, Vientiane, Nalong village, Simmano-Meu village, Simmano-South village, Kwai Ched village. In this survey, it is to collect land information within the scope of the project to systematically register and issue land titles and aim to be a model for completing the registration of land titles throughout the country.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the survey has identified Nalong village as an experimental village for aerial photography with an area of ​​16.7 Km2, a flight height of 150m, a resolution of 2 cm and an error of 20-30 cm compared to the actual area.


2D image creation program

The project to create a 2D photo plate on an area of ​​5 hectares in Natan Village, Sai Thani District, Vientiane

PakLai District Power Plant Map Creation Project

    I’ve been going to the forest for a long time and today I want to go down to the water first, RTk GalaxyG1@RTK RUIDE – R90ineo 22/06/2021 With the team of Specail Lao company, explore, photograph, create a photo map of the entrance to District Pak Lai power station.

32 Main Landfill Project, Sai Thani District

The project to create a topographical map and low-level measurement of the land area of ​​100 hectares, main waste field 32, Sai Thani District, Vientiane

Exploration project of the entrance to Serapong 3 hydroelectric dam, Poeng District

Project for the survey of the entrance to Serapong 3 hydroelectric dam, Pong district, Savannakhet province. 

Garbage field project, Nashaithong District

A project to create topographical maps and low-level measurements of the land surface area of ​​10 hectares, Nashai landfill area, Nashaithong district, Vientiane

Survey program creates 3D maps

Survey project to create 3D map by using 3D scanner in Sangthong district 50 points within Sangthong district

Project to survey the extent of installing solar cells in Khong District

Project for surveying the extent of solar cell installation in Khong District, Savannakhet Province, to be surveyed on 23 February  2022.

Survey project of potato factory in Salakham District
Translate The survey project of the potato factory in Vientiane province
Nan District potato factory survey project

Survey project of potato factory in Nan District, Xayabuli Province

Survey project of the potato factory in the District Huon

Survey project of the potato factory in the Huon district, Oudomxay province

Road Design Survey and Construction Marking Project

2 projects in the south:

– 3.5 km road survey design and marking project

– Survey project to design a loose construction plan of 150 hectares